The Big Idea: winning consistently requires the mental programming of a champion.
Principles of Mental Management
The Balance of Power
The Mental Management Goal-Setting System
Only the super successful ever bother to set personal goals and plan their work.
  1. Decide exactly what you want.
  2. Decide when you want it.
  3. List the pay-value.
  4. Create a plan.
  5. Start.
  6. Never quit.
Improve Concentration by Running a Mental Program
Winning requires you to develop a consistent mental picture.  A mental program is a series of thoughts that when pictured, will trigger the Subconscious to perform the appropriate action.  A mental program controls the thought process occupying the Conscious Mind.
How to Develop Skills
Performance Analysis
Building a Powerful Self-Image
Seven Strategies of the Mentally Tough
  1. The Principle of Transportation: transport the habits and attitudes you need to perform at the higher level and adopt them today.
  2. Your Past Is Not a Prison: do not think about the past, focus on the future
  3. Imitate the Champions: find out what the best people in your space are doing and copy what they are doing.  Go to the places where these people train to learn from them.
  4. Train Hard, Compete Easy: outwork the competition in training, but not in competition.
  5. Visualize Before Game Day: mentally rehearse the competition before the competition.
  6. Take All Problems As Positive: problems identify areas we need to work on.
  7. Have Big Dreams: don’t settle for mediocrity, dream big, achieve big