Dirty Genes by Ben Lynch

The Big Idea: most chronic health problems are caused by impaired gene expression — which can be fixed by eating and living clean. Epigenetics is the process of turning genes on and off. Our genetic destiny isn’t fixed. Genetic expression is affected by our environment and our lifestyle choices (diet, exercise, sleep, stress, pollution.) Most […]

Unconventional Medicine by Chris Kresser

The Big Idea: Most chronic disease is preventable, and much of it is reversible, if a comprehensive, individualized approach, called “Functional Medicine,” is followed. Ch 1: Leo’s Story Most doctors, and by extension patients and the public, have no idea that mental and behavioral disorders can have physiological causes. Ch 2: From Band-Aids to True […]

The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington

95% of this book was about why sleep is so important. 5% of the book is about how to get better sleep.  Save time by reading this article instead. THE BIG IDEA More and better quality sleep will make your life better.  Exercise. Meditate. Avoid caffeine after 2pm.  No digital devices near bedtime. Keep your bedroom cool. KEY […]

Basic Wilderness Life Support

This was from a wilderness medicine course I took at BCM. The Big Idea: boil all water, clean wounds with soap and water, wash off poison ivy within 1-4 hours, do not suck out snake venom, splint possible fractures, seek medical attention  Essentials for Wilderness Travel map, compass, knife, matches, flashlight, first aid kit, sunglasses/sunscreen, […]