Step 15: Descartes & Solving Problems With A Calculator

The Big Idea: To run a successful business, you must be comfortable with math and statistics.

  • Math is the only 100% certain truth. — Descartes
  • I was dyslexic, but I realized that if I was going to be rich I had to understand numbers. — Richard Branson
  • To make good decisions, you must understand math and statistics.
  • By far the most common background for billionaires is investing.
  • To make good decisions, measure and quantify.
  • Trying to quantity the unquantifiable (happiness, leisure) can still help.
  • Keep an old algebra textbook around.
  • Play chess or backgammon to stay sharp.
  • Almost all billionaires play games like poker, bridge, chess, backgammon.
  • Quantify possible outcomes to make decisions easier.
  • Logical Fallacy of the Slippery Slope: I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur, investor, and blogger who runs an awesome online book club. 67 Steps is a lecture series teaching how to be successful in health, wealth, love, and happiness.  I’m a big fan.

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