The Big Idea: Managing communications and making decisions effectively, in good times and bad, are two critical elements of a board dynamic. Proactively picking the best board members is like assembling the members of a band—the music can be awesome, if done right.

Ch 1 Introduction

Ch 2 What is a board?

Ch 3 Creating your board

Ch 4 Recruiting board members

Ch 5 The formal structure of the board

Ch 6 Aligning your board

Ch 7 Is an advisory board useful?

Ch 8 The actual board meeting

Ch 9 Motions and votes

Ch 10 Legal challenges

Ch 11 Managing Ongoing Expectations

Ch 12 Trying New Things

Ch 13 Communication Conflicts

Ch 14 CEO Transitions

Ch 15 Financings

Ch 16 Selling a Company

Ch 17 Going Public

Ch 18 Going Out of Business