The Big Idea: Today’s level of overconsumption and resource-depletion is unsustainable.
Ch. 1: Children, Chores, Humility, and Health
Ch. 2: A Cat Is a Cow Is a Chicken Is My Aunt

Ch. 3: Hog Killin’s and Laying in the Larder

Ch. 4: Wrappings, Trappings, and Foil

Ch. 5: Lawn Farms and Kitchen Chickens

Ch. 6: Dino-the-Dinosaur-Shaped Nuggets Don’t Grow on Chickens

Ch. 7: We Only Serve White Meat Here

Ch. 8: Disodium Ethylenediaminetetraacetate-Yum!

Ch. 9: No Compost, No Digestion

**Ch. 10 The Poop, the Whole Poop, and Nothing but the Poop

Ch. 11: Park, Plant, and Power

Ch. 12: Roofless Underground Dream Houses

Ch. 13: Grasping for Water

Ch. 14: Mob Stocking Herbivorous Solar Conversion Lignified Carbon Sequestration Fertilization

Ch. 15: Let’s Make a Despicable Farm

Ch. 16: Scientific Mythology: Centaurs and Mermaids Now in Supermarkets

Ch. 17: You Get What You Pay For

Ch. 18: Get Your Grubby Hands

Ch. 19: Sterile Poop and Other Unsavory Cultural Objectives

Ch. 20: I Hereby Release You from Being Responsible for Me

Ch. 21: I’m from the Government, and I’m Here to Help You — Right

Ch. 22: The Church of Industrial Food’s Unholy Food Inquisition