The Big Idea: Invest in data and data science teams. Better data + better data scientists = better models = better business decisions = sustainable competitive advantage. 

Chapter 1: Introduction, Data Analytic Thinking

Chapter 2: Business Problems and Data Science Solutions

Chapter 3: Introduction to Predictive Modeling, From Correlation to Supervised Segmentation

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Chapter 4: Fitting a Model to Data

Chapter 5: Overfitting and Its Avoidance

Chapter 6: Similarity, Neighbors, and Clusters

Chapter 7: Decision Analytic Thinking I, What is a Good Model?

Chapter 8: Visualizing Model Performance

Chapter 9: Evidence and Probabilities

Chapter 10: Representting and Mining Text

Chapter 11: Decision Analytic Thinking II, Towards Analytical Engineering

Chapter 12: Other Data Science Tasks and Techniques

Chapter 13: Data Science and Business Strategy