Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine

For this book, I’m piggybacking off of Philosopher’s Notes’ book summary.

1. First Premise
Win first in your mind and then on the battlefield.  An unbeatable mind knows it will win.

2. Starve + Feed
In the parable of the two wolves — the wolf of fear and the wolf of courage — which one wins?  The one you feed.  Intercept any negative thought and replace with positive thoughts.

3. Breathe
In high pressure situation, breathing is the most powerful way to remain calm.  Box breathing = inhale for 5, hold for 5, exhale for 5, hold for 5.

4. 1 Thing + 3Ps
What is the one thing you were born to do in this world?  Journal and read to figure this out.  Every day, remind yourself of this.
Know your 3Ps: 1) Purpose, 2) Passion, and 3) Principles.

5. Uncommon Resolve
The components of uncommon resolve: intense desire, belief you can achieve it, positive attitude, military discipline, and unrelenting determination.

Finally: make all of this part of your daily practice.

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