Simplify by Joshua Becker

This book, from the blogger behind Becoming Minimalist, wasn’t terrible, nor was it great.  But at least it was only $3 on Kindle and took 20 minutes to read.

1. Be Convinced

  • easier to clean
  • less stress
  • eco-friendly
  • more time for other things

2. Make it Work for You

  • find a style of minimalism that works for you

3. Jump Right In

  • start with small decluttering projects first
  • specific tips for living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen
  • sell stuff on ebay and craigslist, or donate it

4. Stop the Trend

  • stop buying stuff
  • stop renting storage space to store your extra stuff

5. Persevere

  • recognize where clutter collects
  • stop junk mail
  • buy fewer and more high quality toys
  • more nature, libraries, parks and museums

6. Share the Joy

  • tell your stories to friends and family

7. Simplify Everywhere

  • simplify your schedule
  • use Stephen Covey’s urgency vs importance grid and spend more time in quadrant 2
  • stop multitasking
  • speak in plain English
  • watch less television
  • clean up your computer

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