The Big Idea: Happy employees are a competitive advantage.

 Chapter 1: Success is Overrated, Why Great Work Places Reward Failure
Chapter 2: The Power of Place, How Office Design Shapes Our Thinking
Chapter 3: Why You Should Be Paid to Play
Chapter 4: What Happy Workplaces Can Learn from a Casino
Chapter 5: How to Turn a Group of Strangers into a Community
Chapter 6: The Leadership Paradox, Why Forceful Leaders Develop Less Productive Teams
Chapter 7: Better Than Money, What Games Can Teach Us About Motivation
Chapter 8: How Thinking Like a Hostage Negotiator Can Make You More Persuasive, Influential, and Motivating
Chapter 9: Why the Best Managers Focus on Themselves
Chapter 10: Seeing What Others Don’t, How to Eliminate Interview Blind Spots That Prevent You from Reading People’s True Potential
Chapter 11: What Sports, Politics, and Religion Teach Us About Fostering Pride