Step 19: & The $32,000 Brain Budget

The Big Idea: Spend 30% of your monthly income on reading and learning. 

  • Do an audit of your finances.
  • Find out how much you spend on 1) consuming vs 2)  investing (specifically, learning).
  • Spend 30% of your automatic income on learning new skills.
  • Spend 30% of your income on bills.
  • Spend 30% of your income on fun and leisure.
  • Spend very little money on things that rust, rot, or depreciate.
  • Buy fashionable clothes, but buy used.
  • Nobody has a library anymore, get a library card.
  • Hire a bookkeeper for your personal finances.
  • Read Poor Charlie’s Almanack
Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur, investor, and blogger who runs an awesome online book club. 67 Steps is a lecture series teaching how to be successful in health, wealth, love, and happiness.  I’m a big fan.

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