The Big Idea: a strong brand is one of the most important economic moats a company can build. Building a brand is not easy but, if done well, can pay dividends for many years.


1. Brand Positioning

2. Designing Brands

3. Brand Meaning

4. Competitive Brand Strategies

5. Brand Extensions

6. Brand Portfolio Strategy

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7. Building Brands Through Effective Advertising

8. Relationship Branding and CRM

9. Brand Strategy for Business Markets

10. Services Branding

11. Branding in Technology Markets

12. Building a Brand-Driven Organization

13. Measuring Brand Value

14. Using Positioning to Build a Mega-brand

15. Marketing Leverage in the Frame of Reference

16. Finding the Right Brand Name

17. Building Global Brands

18. Branding and Organizational Culture

19. Branding and the Organization

20. Internal Branding