The Big Idea: Clarify your core values and make sure everyone knows them.

Core Values
1. Excellent customer service
2. Taking care of our people
3. Developing entrepreneurial spirit
4. Respect for all people
5. Building strong relationships
6. Doing the right thing
7. Giving back to our communities
8. Shareholder return

Ch 1: Two Regular Guys

Ch 2: Origins

Ch 3: The Financier

Ch 4: The Merchant, Act I

Ch 5: The First Stores

Ch 6: The Associates

Ch 7: The Customers

Ch 8: Building the Brand

Ch 9: The Competition

Ch 10: Growth

Ch 11: The Merchant, Act II

Ch 12: Strategic Partners

Ch 13: How We Manage

Ch 14: The Communities We Serve

Ch 15: The Future

Ch 16: Legacy