The Big Idea: Small scale permaculture is the solution to most environmental problems.

Ch 1: A Different Approach to Solving World Problems

Ch 2: Environmentalist vs “Environmentalist”

Ch 3: The Wicked Lies About Light Bulbs

Ch 4: Carbon Footprint

Ch 5: Petroleum Footprint

Ch 6: Toxic Footprint

Ch 7: The Wheaton Eco Scale

Ch 8: Moving Way Beyond Recycling

Ch 9: Vote with Your Wallet

Ch 10: Radically Deviant Financial Strategies

Ch 11: Organic vs Local

Ch 12: Vegan vs Omnivore vs Junk Food

Ch 13: Really Reducing Home Energy Usage

Ch 14: More People Living Under One Roof Without Stabbing Each Other

Ch 15: Toxic Gick vs 20 Years of Your Life

Ch 16: The Huge Link Between Food and Global Footprint

Ch 17: Double the Food with One Tenth of the Effort

Ch 18: The Dark Side of Native Plant Enthusiasm

Ch 19: 20 Things to Do with the Twigs That Fall n Your Backyard

Ch 20: Not Composting

Ch 21: Better Than a Solar Panel – A Solar Food Dehydrator

Ch 22: Breaking the Toxic Water Cycle with Greywater Recycling

Ch 23: Harvesting Electricity in Your Backyard

Ch 24: The Conventional Lawn vs a Mowable Meadow

Ch 25: How Vegans Benefit from Caring for Farm Animals

Ch 26: Replacing Petroleum with People

Ch 27: Wrestling with Poop Beasts and Peeing in the Garden

Ch 28: The Solutions to Colony Collapse Disorder are Embarrassingly Simple

Ch 29: Destroy Your Orchard to Make a Food Forest

Ch 30: A Building Design that Solves Almost Everything